About Void Tyrant

Void Tyrant is a card-based 'rougelike' role-playing game for mobile devices, set in a mythical universe where planets are kingdoms, space stations are tombs and temples, and where space travel is made possible by faith and magic.


To save the galaxy, you must restore the artifacts known as The Eyes Of Chronos. But you can't do it alone. Choose between heroes with different races and classes, all with their own cards and abilities. Travel along a randomised route through space, visiting strange worlds on your way to the chaos pyramid.


On your travels, you will encounter a large variety of monsters and traps, all with their own tactics and decks. Who wins the round, and with how many attacks, is  determined using a unique hit-or-stand based battle system, where chance, skill, and risk-taking all play in.

Luckily, not everything you'll find will try to kill you. Merchants, followers, shrines, and treasures will all provide ways for you to add new cards to your deck, and passive abilities to your hero.

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Void Tyrant is being made for iOS and Android devices, and is planned for release in 2018.

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